A woman called with a great report; her son, who she hadn't heard from in 5 or 6 years, contacted her.  He and her other son, who she hasn't seen in 20 years, came to visit her.  She was so happy!  One son wants to visit her weekly and they both want to help her do some work that needs to be done around her yard.

A woman asked us to agree in prayer with her that God would work out a situation on her job. She called back 10 minutes later; the situation was worked out in her favor. 

A woman had a sickness for 43 years.  A year ago, she was treated for it, and at that time they saw good results.  She was told that if after one year everything was still normal, they would know for sure it was gone. She recently got her one-year test results back and she is totally free of the disease! 

A man had been very sick with COVID.  After prayer, God answered and he is now doing well! 

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Matthew 19:26