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mISSION Outreach

World-Wide Lighthouse Missions (WWLM) is the mission outreach of our church. 


WWLM is a charitable, non-profit work for all humanity, supplying aid to those in need, in the local and worldwide community. 

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Outreach Ministries


Visiting area prisons, this ministry holds monthly meetings for inmates where many come to Christ and find the new life He came to give them.  This ministry is also extended to the individual through prison visitation and correspondence.


In local convalescent homes, volunteers share the love of Jesus through gospel songs, testimonies, and the Word of God in monthly meetings.

The visitation ministry reaches people of all ages on a personal basis; in hospitals, private homes, convalescent homes, and chronic disease and rehabilitation centers.

As one convalescent home director put it, “These faithful visits do something for a patient that no physical therapy can do.” Volunteers minister to hundreds of people each month through these outreaches.

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