Fellowship Groups

Sunday School



What better way to end the week than to unwind with friends in a Christian atmosphere.  That's what Friday night Christian Fellowship is all about.  People who regularly attend our church can come and enjoy games, puzzles, seasonal outdoor activities, and snacks. 


Contact our office if you'd like to be a part. 


of Zion

Ladies 26+

High School Age


Teens are encouraged to ask questions about life, God, and current event situations.  They then receive their answers from the Word of God. There are teachers available to assist, but the youth also share experiences and advice to help their peers.


The ultimate goal of this group is to help guide the teens in a positive direction towards God and His will for their lives.  When facing the obstacles of life, they are encouraged to move forward in Christ’s velocity.


Men of


Men 18+


This ministry provides a safe and peaceful environment for children.  


It is complete with changing areas, places for the children to rest, feeding areas, and also a place for nursing mothers.  


We have trained workers available to assist parents so that they can leave their child and enjoy the service.




First Sunday of the month

at 7:00 PM


Join us for our YES (Youth Evangelizing Souls) service! Watch the youth come alive as they sing, testify, and hear the Word of God in our main sanctuary.


Friday Night


Tater Tots: 3 & 4 Years Old

Little Rompers: 5 & 6 Years Old

All-Stars: Boys 7 Years old - 8th Gr.

GEMS: Girls 7 Years old - 8th Gr.

Teen Velocity: High School Age

Children who regularly attend Sunday School are encouraged to join our Friday night activities.


After a long week at school, the youth come together, hang out with their peers, and do exciting activities such as crafts, sports, “themed” nights, and outdoor and indoor games.  Each group is led by dedicated workers who plan activities for their age group that also teach teamwork and Godly character.

18-25 Group

This age group carries a tremendous amount of responsibility from school and work, and many times their hectic schedules keep them from having time to fellowship.  18-25 Group gives them the opportunity to just get together with their friends and have fun.  They meet monthly and do a variety of activities – bonfires, games, mini golf, bowling, potlucks, and projects to help others.  These times together are always filled with joy and laughter.

Parent Fellowships

Parents' Workshop

Fathers' Fellowship

Mothers' Fellowship

We hold quarterly fellowships designed to offer strength and encouragement to parents, as well as help in raising their children.  These times are a great way to connect with other families in the church, building a strong support system.