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Bible StudY Guides

 Teaching tools and study outlines for Ministers, Sunday School teachers, and leaders.  

These studies have been written as teaching tools and study outlines for Ministers, Sunday School teachers, leaders, elders, etc.  They have been designed for the presenter to further expound on each subject matter by praying and using the Holy Scriptures.  As you let the Holy Spirit guide you as you study, for you will find deeper revelations as He leads you.  You may teach for weeks on one subject as you allow the Holy Spirit to talk to your heart and minister to the needs of your church. 

God & Creation

This is an imperative teaching tool which starts with the question, “Who is God?” and gives a comprehensive outline about the God of the Bible; the one true living God.  It also covers the Creation of the Earth, Angels, The Fall of Lucifer, The Re-creation of the Earth, and Man.  Written in question and answer format, it is very easy to navigate and expound upon.  All answers are taken directly from the Word of God and the Scripture references are listed.

The Doctrine of Christ: 

The Foundation To Perfection

This study is based upon the Scriptures in Hebrews 6:1-2, focusing on the six principles of the Doctrine of Christ.  These are fundamental truths that Christ taught and commanded us to do so that we could go on to perfection and obtain eternal life.  They are the first principles we should learn and experience when beginning our Christian walk. 


        One meaning for the word “foundation” is the basis on which a thing stands, is founded, or is supported.  A “principle” is a basic truth, and “doctrine” is instruction, preaching, or teaching.  These truths and instructions are the basis upon which we need to build our spiritual life.  Each one of them is necessary for this foundation to be firmly laid, then we will be able to grow and move on to maturity in Christ.

The Parables of the Gospel:

Walking with Jesus Christ, Vol. 1

  Often, in the Bible, Jesus used simple stories (called parables) to illustrate a moral or spiritual lesson.  A parable is an example by which a doctrine or precept is illustrated, a comparison of one thing with another, or an earthly story with a heavenly meaning.  In this study, we explain and define some of the parables of Jesus.  We hope that you will experience these lessons as if you had been right there sitting at the feet of Jesus.

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