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first steps course

This eight-month course, held weekly, 

is designed to establish and keep new Christians.

First Steps is designed to teach the new Christian about Salvation and the next steps to take in your walk with Christ.  You are able to ask questions and you will learn how to read, study, and find answers in the Bible for every area of your life.

We've found that it has also been a great refresher for the older Christian as it strengthens and renews their foundation, refreshing their walk with God.

wHY yOU Should Take the First Steps Course

As a new Christian, you probably have many questions about what Salvation is and what the next steps are after you have asked Jesus into your heart.  This class provides you with the extra time and resources that you need to learn all about this new journey you have begun. 

The First Steps teachers will help you to learn the truth from the Word of God and answer your questions.  This class will help you to build the foundation of your new Christian life on Jesus Christ, so the storms of life cannot move you!

First Steps is taught in a small classroom atmosphere where you can feel comfortable and make friends with others who are starting out on this journey.  You will also learn about what your church is all about and how you can be a part.


My confidence level has grown so that I know that I have something to offer God.  Condemnation for past mistakes has been taken out of my mind through these studies.  I have learned so much because many of my questions, doubts, etc. have been clearly explained.  


I am so glad that I made the decision to take this course.  I know beyond a doubt that my foundation as a Christian is stronger!


First Steps helped me to understand God’s word in a deeper way and has given me the confidence to go to the Bible and know how to get the answers.  It has increased my love for God and His Word.  I entered this class as a person fighting for what I truly wanted to believe was true, and I’m ending this class knowing what is true.

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